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Course Name: Diagnosis and Management of Preventable Blindness

Course Description :

This is a part of distance-learning program.

This will comprise of 50 CMEs, 10 on either ophthalmic sub-specialty OCULOPLASTICS, STRABISMUS, NEURO-OPHTHALMOLOGY, OCULAR SURFACE DISEASES. Each CME will comprise of 4-6 questions regarding a common clinical problem; participants would be required to submit their answers within one week.
eg. If a CME is posted on a Saturday morning, by the next Saturday all participants should submit their written answers on the trainers email provided.

The trainer will go through all the answers submitted and will send all the participants a time on the Sunday morning, 2 hours, in which the trainer will discuss all the questions posted on that CME in detail, via Skype.

All participants will be requested to have their computers and Skype ready to have a 2 hour inter-active teaching. Only one particular topic will be discussed.

  • Course Duration: 6-8 months.
  • Charges For Pakistanis: Rs 5000 for the trainees and Rs 10000 for non-trainees (SRs and above).
  • For Overseas:  50 USD for the trainees and 100 USD for non-trainees
  • Timings: One CME posted every alternate Saturday of the month. So 2 CMEs per month. Interactive Teaching sessions of 2 hours almost every Sunday morning.
Benefits of this course: This course will enable ophthalmologists to widen their practical knowledge in the management of patients suffering from a variety of acute and chronic clinical problems. This will not only enhance their clinical acumen, but also make them better professionals.

About the Trainer:

Dr Sameera Irfan, FRCS
Practicing as a Consultant Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic surgeon for the last 25 years.
Has written 3 books on Clinical ophthalmic sub-specialties: Strabismus, Oculoplastics and Amblyopia.
Actively involved in teaching and lecturing ophthalmologists all over Pakistan and India.


Mobile Number / WhatsApp: +92- 3364500901

Skype ID:

Email address:


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