Dr Sarbjit Singh

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital
Khanna 141401 Punjab

On behalf of all the members of Asianophthalmology group, I thank Dr Sameera Irfan for initiating the discussion under the subject “ THOUGHT FOR TODAY: PROPER PRESCRIPTION OF GLASSES: A WAR AGAINST STRABISMUS AND AMBLYOPIA” The discussion has been thought provoking, proactive, informative and touches upon a subject which is so important. I also thank all the esteemed members who participated in the discussion.

Off and on discussions like this can go a long way to a different kind of CME.

Thanks again and Regards to all.


Prof BA Naeem is Head of dept Ophthalmology at Fuji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi

Date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 1:11 PM

Dear Dr Sameera
This is a note of THANKS
It is a matter of great pleasure to see a young, energetic and a motivated pakistani lady doctor having a good insight about the subject. Thank you for the surgeries which you did on our patients and sharing your views in eye congress
I thank you once again and hope that this working relationship and interaction will continue in future

with best regards

Dr BA Naeem

Professor Khalid Talpur is Dean Jamshoro Univer Hyderabad and Chairman Liaqat Medical College, Hyderabad

Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 6:10 PM

Dear Dr. Sameera,
It was indeed nice to see your pictures of academic meetings in India. It proves your commitment to education in Ophthalmology. You are doing a great job. Please keep it up. We at Hyderabad consider you an academic ophthalmologist of great repute.
Thanks and regards
Khalid Talpur


Date: Mon, Dec 15, 2014 9:03 AM

Its not just what one shares, but what you can actually feel. The feelings of some people are so obvious. Just take a look at their social media accounts. The darkness which lurks inside is unbelievable in such educated persons. Thank you Dr. Sameera for lifting above narrow mindsets. All the best

Guest Speaker in Ophthalmic Meeting 2015

I was invited as a Guest speaker and an International Faculty at this Ophthalmic Meeting in Dec 2015. I was elected as a life member of Punjab Ophthalmic Society India at this meeting.

Thank you so very much,Dear Sameera for your whole hearted support and active participation in the ThirdEye.
Hope to see you in all the future POS conferences.
You were an instant hit with the local media and the delegates.
Bless you.

Dr Amrit Sethi
Past President,IMA Pb.State

Past Pres.Punjab Ophthalmological Society

President,Bathinda Ophthalmological Society
Sethi Eye Hospital,
155 Veer Colony,
Bathinda-151005, INDIA
*Ph. 164 2251500, 9814032953


Two-day workshop on Ophthalmology

Hindustan Times (Jalandhar)

Jul 27 2015

JALANDHAR: The Thind Eye Hospital and Jalandhar Cataract and Refractive Club (JCRC) organised a continues medical education (CME) on recent advances in ophthalmology. In the workshop, Dr Sameera Irfan from Lahore, Pakistan, shared the modalities of the of the trratment for oculoplasty. View Link